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ANISP supports the first national Olympics on fiber optics splicing

ANISP supports organizing – by the Romanian Fiber Optic Association (AFOR) and the WorldSkills Romania Foundation – the first “Fiber Optic Splicing” Olympics in Romania, 10 years after the introduction of this trade in national registry. The Olympics will be hosted by the “Augustin Maior” Technical College of Communications in Cluj-Napoca, after, in February 2024, the contest will be organized at the local level, in each of the 10 participating high schools, for 3 categories: the 10th and 11th grade, high school education and 11th vocational education.

At the national stage, one student from each educational unit will qualify, and the winner of the national Olympics will represent Romania at the International Trade Olympics WorldSkills Lyon 2024 on the Information Network Cabling job that will take place in Lyon in September 2024. Romania’s representative at the national stage he will train together with 4 other colleagues (the next 4 from the national phase) in Bordeaux and Bucharest, who will represent Romania’s national team for the international Olympics.

ANISP contributes to the organization of the Olympics and will respectively provide a prize fund for the 10 students qualified in the national phase.

Other details on the AFOR website and on the project website.

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