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Briefly on the “NetCity challenges – 2nd stage” conference

Today, on September 12, 2018, the conference “Challenges of NETCITY: Stage II comes with over 2,000 km, but also with customers’ opposition” – in the organization of ANISP and InterLAN.

The event was attended by numerous providers of electronic communications services, members of the two associations, who argued that Netcity should be developed in a properly regulated framework.

At present, the development of the underground communications infrastructure project does not comply with the provisions of the ANCOM Approval issued 2013, obliging the telecom operators to pay arbitrarily imposed exaggerated tariffs – which seriously affects the competitive environment in Bucharest, the negative effects finally being felt by end users – subscribers of Internet / telephony / television services.

The operators community appeals to local authorities to allow further development of the project either with respect to the Approval of the 2013 Regulatory Authority (ANCOM) or to wait a new Decision – which is mandatory under Law 159/2016 – to be issued by ANCOM in the immediate time frame.

Operators also require ANCOM to issue and enforce as soon as possible the Decision provided for in Article 47, paragraph 9 – of the Physical Infrastructure Rules of the Electronic Communications Network Law (159/2016), taking into account all the arguments presented during public consultations.

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