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Opticnet Serv Joined ANISP

Opticnet Serv (https://www.opticnet.ro/) registered in Ploiești, PH, represented by Mr. Sebastian Roman, Director – joined ANISP.

OpticNet is an IT&C company founded in 2004 upon the liberalization of the electronic communications market and is one of the first companies in Romania to launch, starting 2005, internet services through access to the local loop (ADSL, VDSL).

Main object of activity: 6110 – Telecommunications

Products and services: Internet Business, data transmission, telephony, hosting, cloud computing, domain registrations, video streaming (live and on-demand), LIR

Trademarks: DUCADU (European registered trademark)

Websites: opticnet.ro, ducadu.com, livestream.ro

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 27001

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