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ANCOM Advisory Board Dedicated to the Draft Decision to Regulate Access to Netcity Infrastructure

Today, the 20th of December 2018, a Consultative Council meeting was held at ANCOM headquarters, focusing on the draft decision on the regulation of access conditions in Netcity infrastructure.

There was a survey of the industry’s observations and the latest arguments were heard before the decision itself will be published (first part of January 2019).

The main tariffs will become:

a) 73.16 euro / km / month for the main tube rental service;

b) 0.224 euro / meter / month for connection tube (”racord”);

c) 0.277 euro / meter / month for the FTTB branch service;

d) EUR 11.43 / hour for the attendant service (business hours);

e) 17.15 euro / hour for the attendant service (outside business hours);

f) 526 euro / course / participant for the installer certification service.

As a significant change from the original project, it is noted that the connection tubes (”racorduri”) are to be billed proportionally with their effective length. Thus, for an average length of 28 meters (announced by some ANISP members), the monthly tariff for a connection tube shall be EUR 6.27 (instead of EUR 20 currently).

The ANISP community considers this project an important step forward in normalizing the access to infrastructure on the territory of Bucharest.

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