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Today, May 14th, 2019, FiberNET – a member of the UCS group, mostly focused on communications services – joined ANISP.

The FiberNET portfolio has been expanding permanently, thus the company is currently providing the following products and services:
• High speed and capacity data transmissions;
• Structured cabling and Data Center infrastructure;
• Communication and Security Systems.

FiberNET offers companies and organizations interested in interconnecting remote locations a full range of services, including:
• design of fiber optic transmission networks;
• execution & installation of aerial and underground fiber optic networks;
• interconnection solutions through its own metropolitan network;
• fiber optic maintenance services.

The interconnection solutions provided through the metropolitan network use an infrastructure that ensures points of presence in virtually all areas of Bucharest. Transmissions are provided by Alcatel-Lucent or ADVA DWDM equipment from the WaveStar and Metropolis series, with SDH multiplexing and transport capacity of 2 Mbps-2.5 Gbps, ETH 100 GbE or FC 16GbE.

The network thus implemented allows centralized management, providing an SLA of 99.9%. The topology of the network is redundant, including at the operating center level, and allows for the provision of various services, from complex and protected multi-location topology, to simple, point-to-point unprotected links, of various capacity. One can also rent “dark-fiber” services.

The company operates its own FO network with virtually complete coverage of Bucharest and has presence across the country through its partners. In the capital city the network is conceived as a multi-ring structure that provides redundancy at physical level. More than 85% of all cables are currently underground, the work of migrating the aerial routes into underground infrastructure being a permanent ongoing process.

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