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Press Conference: NetCity Stage II brings in 2000 km of new underground infrastructure but also customer’s opposition

The National Association of Internet Service Providers in Romania (ANISP) and the InterLAN Association organize a conference on the following themes:

Challenges of NETCITY: Stage II comes with over 2,000 km, but also with the opposition of the network’s customers at the city hall’s decision.

Date and Time: 12.Sep.2018, 10:00
Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Merope Hall
Speakers: Bogdan Cojocaru (Ministre – MCSI), Eduard Lovin (VP-ANCOM), Nicolae Stoean (Technical Manager PMB), Catalin Cuturela (ANISP President), Tiberiu Gîndu (CEO – ANISP), Eric Andrei Băleanu InterLAN Association), Marian Bumbar (General Council, PMB), Dorin Odiaţiu (Public Affairs – Orange Romania), Dan Georgescu (President – AOTR)

Moderator: Ion Vaciu (Director – Mobile Communications Magazine)

Stage II for the expansion of the NETCITY metropolitan network, with over 2,000 kms, puts the interests of Bucharest City Hall as a Concessioning party and those of the owner of NETCITY, Direct One (concessionaire) against with those of Internet Service Providers which are NETCITY customers, as stated by ANISP and InterLAN officials.

PMB (Bucharest City Hall) approved in mid-July 2018 the technical and economic indicators related to the feasibility study Stage II on NETCITY investments, ignoring the views of ANISP and InterLAN operators.

ANISP and InterLAN support the Netcity project, which will be implemented throughout Bucharest, as it is a much better solution (technically) and much more elegant (urbanistic) than the aerial lines. However, ANISP’s wish is that this development should be done in the light of the ANCOM Approval of May 30, 2013, and not under the conditions established by NetCity’s unilateral interpretation of the Concession Contract concluded with the PMB in 2008. Alternatively, ANISP considers, one should expect ANCOM to develop the new commercial conditions, according to the law 159/2016, stipulated in the Authority’s calendar for 2018. It is underlined that the large telecoms and internet operators present on the Romanian market have a similar position with ANISP and so does InterLAN, too.

MCSI, ANCOM, Competition Council, Bucharest City Hall, AOTR, AOMR, AFOR

ANISP (members): Euroweb Romania, GTS Telecom, Rolink Plus SA, Media SAT, ICI – RoTLD, Prime Telecom SRL, SN Radiocomunications SA, iNES, Telekom Romania Communications, Digital Cable Systems, Special Telecommunications, Allnet Telecom SRL, Combridge, NextGen Communications, DotRo Telecom, Direct One SA, ROL Online Network, Distinct New Media, ITC, Chroot Network, M247 Europe, Infinity Telecom, TVSat 2002, Starnet Media Communications.

Interlan (members): Allnet Telecom, Almsoft Computers, Ambra, Bensoft Telecom, Bestnet Service, Canal S, CNetwork, Cobranet, Computer Wired, Communications Starnet Media, Conect Intercom, Data ZYX, Digital Construction Network, Dynamic Connection, Dynamic Distribution, Efx Invest, Energy Dot, Fidelnet, GMB Computers, Impuls Conect, Internet Oltenia, Massive Telecom, Metropolitan Interlink, Millennium IT, Net Gate Communications, Phoenix Telecom & Media Services, , Softkit, Speed ​​Network, Teen Telecom, Teleplus, Tennet Telecom, Tier, Top Telecom and Viva Telecom.

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