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Proceedings of the General Assembly 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018, starting at 10:00, the General Assembly of ANISP members was held.

Representatives of 20 members participated in the meeting as follows: Euroweb, GTS Telecom, Rolink Plus, ICI RoTLD, Media SAT, Prime Telecom, Radiocommunications, iNES Group, Teletrans, Special Telecommunication Service, Allnet Telecom, Combridge, NextGen Communications, DOTRO Telecom, Direct One, Distinct New Media, ROL Portal Services, ITC, Chroot Network and M247 Europe. There missed representatives of 8 members. Being present more than half of the members, the meeting was statutory.

Within the General Assembly, the topics on the agenda were discussed, as follows:

1. Activity report for 2017

2. Budget execution report for 2017

3. Discharge of the Board of Directors

4. Election of a new president

5. Election of a new Board of Directors

6. Approval of guidelines for ANISP activity in 2018

7. Approval of the Association’s Budget for 2018

8. Organizational and administrative issues

Within the General Assembly, ANISP’s governing bodies were elected (according to the Bylaws the elections take place every 2 years; the previous elections took place on 14.04.2016).

By direct vote, Mr. Cătălin Cuturela (Ines Group S.R.L.) was elected President, and the new Board of Directors, voted in block, had the following composition (in order of joining the association):

1. Euroweb Romania S.A. – Adrian Popa
2. Rolink Plus S.A. – Alexandru Rotaru
3. S.N. Radiocommunications S.A. – Stefan Molinaru
4. Teletrans S.A. – Dan Bordea
5. Allnet Telecom S.R.L. – Iulian Ţenea
6. Combridge S.R.L. – Cristian Zainea
7. NextGen Communications S.R.L. – Catalin Tudorache
8. DotRo Telecom S.R.L. – Alexandru Balan
9. Chroot Network S.R.L. – Bogdan Rotariu
10. M247 Europe S.R.L. – Alin Ştefănescu
The General Assembly also adopted a series of statutory decisions on the organization and management of the association (appointment of the censor, organization chart and register of members).

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